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Floor Fitting


If you plan to replace your old flooring with new or have your new laminate or parquet flooring installed properly, you can use this company’s floor fitting services. The fitters will do the necessary preparation work, measuring the area and fitting of planks or boards. They will clean the floor base and the fitted floor, move and bring back the furniture on its place. The floor fitters will do the necessary calculations and estimate the price of the service in advance. The company offers floor fitting of laminate, vinyl, parquet flooring, provided in London. Use its services to make your home or commercial estate more comfortable and attractive.

High-quality Floor Fitting

The high-quality floor fitting which we provide includes these stages:

  • Preparation of the area: moving furniture out of the room, cleaning the dust and grime
  • Removing old floor coverings: panels, boards and other materials
  • Measuring the floor area
  • Estimating the necessary quantity of planks, boards or other materials
  • Glueing or nailing the panels and boards
  • Moving the furniture on back its place
  • Cleaning the fitted floor whenever it is necessary

Our floor fitting services can be used for residential and commercial estates, located in or near London. The fitters in the company will measure the floor area, calculate the number of boards or planks necessary and fit them one after another. They will install the planks and boards in rows to form the chosen pattern and fit perfectly one next to another.


Using nails or glue the floor fitters will install the vinyl, laminate or parquet flooring. They will remove the furniture from the room and return it on its place after finishing work. If there are pipes in the room, the fitters will cut the planks to the necessary size and will glue or nail them with extra care. If you want have your floor installed professionally and properly to last long time, rely on this company to provide the floor fitting which you need. The floor specialists can remove the old coverings and panels and fit the chosen type of new flooring.

They will measure the area, calculate the number of materials which will be necessary and estimate the price of the floor fitting for every customer, before they start work. Order the floor fitting that you need, available in London every day in the week by calling or sending an e-mail.