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Floor Sanding Woolwich, SE18


Hard wood flooring that has been professionally installed in a London home can look stunning. However, like everything else it will need some maintenance to ensure its continuing appeal. This is were our hard floor cleaning service will come into the picture. We have the appliances, tools and products to suit every type of hard wood flooring. We also have many years of experience in this industry, and guaranty 100% customer satisfaction once a hard wood flooring job has been completed. Once our highly trained technicians have finished a job, your flooring will look the same as it did when first installed.

Our ServicesPrice
Sanding only from £12.00 /m2
Sanding and 3 coats of clear lacquerfrom £17.00 /m2
Extra coat of lacquer from £4.00 /m2
Staining /dyeing from £.400 /m2 per coat
Gap filling 1 = sawdust+resin from £4.00 /m2 (for gaps up to 3mm)
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Wood Floor Sanding in Woolwich


Our professional company knows best how to sand your hardwood floors and make them presentable once again. The secret is in the excellent and highly effective floor sanding services that we offer, which will eliminate the layer of grime which is covering the surface of your floors. Along with the dirt will also disappear all ugly scratches and unpleasant marks, so that the surface can become ideally smooth again. Our employees have experience with the performance of this procedure, so you don’t have to worry at all. Thanks to us you can reserve first-class floor sanding services every day in Woolwich, SE18.

These floor sanders were very straightforward regarding the price of labor. I’m really happy with the results. Definitely recommend. – Sophie

Floor Sanding and Polishing Woolwich


In case you want to provide your hardwood floors with effective floor sanding which will be performed by qualified professionals, you can contact the specialists of our top agency. We have the latest professional equipment which we will bring to your home for the execution of the floor sanding procedure. You can reserve one of our superior floor sanding services for Woolwich, SE18 or another place in London. Our employees are very flexible and can work any day and during any time that you prefer. With their help you will prolong effectively the life of your hardwood floors and will preserve them for many years.

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Floor Sanding Team Woolwich, SE18


If you want to have your floor sanding project carried out to the highest standards call us and leave everything to our skilled sanders. They have been in this business for many years and they are dedicated to ensuring fantastic results. You can find them in Woolwich, SE18 every day. They work even on the official bank holidays. After the service, the cleaning is easier because the sanding machines suck 90% of the dust produced. Make sure you hire courteous and experienced sanders who will do great job on a budget. Call an operator now.